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Bien Online Exam Proctor: An AI Enabled Tool for Cheat Free Online Exams

Bien Online Exam Proctor

A lot of things have been changed due to this COVID-19 pandemic. Such as education, learning, and exams. Although remote proctoring is not new, COVID-19 has accelerated its need for sure. In this time our Bien online exam proctor is useful for educational institutions, coaching institutes. Not only this, we also do corporate hiring to take a cheat-free examination.

AI Proctor Services for Online Exams at Us:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled Bien remote proctor is the perfect solution for remote proctoring. It monitors the behavior of the candidates during the exams, records it, and generates a red flag against any suspicious activities.

Along with it, this can perform candidate facial recognition, whisper, a change in voice, and detect if someone is instructing the candidate.

It also tracks the candidate location and automatically detects the mobile devices if a student is giving an exam on a desktop. There are multiple cameras that can monitor multiple devices placed at different angles.

Advantages of Bien Online Exam Proctor:

The remote proctor can easily recognize any suspicious or dishonest activity of the person performing an exam like cheating. If the instructor confirms any suspicious activity, then he or she has the power to either notify the exam taker about it. Also, they can remove the person’s exam permanently.

In the test proctor, the tabs of the system also gets monitor by the AI. It has an eye on the individual if he or she has opened any other tab except the one the person is giving the examination on.

Also, the best part about the bien online exam proctor is that it works even with the internet disconnections. Even, if the internet interrupts or stops while examination, the AI proctor is still able to monitor your activities. The advanced techniques have been used to verify. It makes sure that no fraud activities follows by either online or offline students.

Many online examination platforms are using this AI proctor for the examination process.

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