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Take the Feedback Seriously and Implement

I have a good habit of sending my works to my colleagues, seniors, family members, and friends to take feedback and implement it later on. But there was a huge gap to drive that good habit into a perfect work. Earlier when I was receiving suggestions from my colleagues, seniors, family members, or friends. I used…

blockchain | Blockchain Technology

Not Just a Footstep, Blockchain is marking a Significant Mark in India

Blockchain, a whispering buzzword for years in the Indian technology arena have made a significant mark recently. When the Reliance Jio pledged to build one of the largest blockchain networks in the word with edge computing and content distribution network. Blockchain was synonymously attached to crypto-currency earlier as it was primarily used for developing Bitcoin…


Know about the most popular cloud computing service called Microsoft Azure

Legacy hosting- an outdated computing technique was started in 1980s and also it is still in use. Nowadays, organizations have looking for faster and advanced solutions to cope up with real-time challenges. Everyone had used the cloud computing services called Microsoft azure while facing and managing and computing their data. What is Microsoft Azure? Microsoft…

Digital Marketing | SEO

Why SEO is necessary for your business?

(SEO) is an essential digital marketing tool of numerous diverse elements. So knowing its importance, necessity, and understanding what it entails probably heard a hundred times. But still, many people had perceived it wrong. So, to let you know above all, SEO convert businesses prospects into customers mean it makes your website more visible generates…